Sunday, August 8, 2010

Since the days of Tip O’Neill, we have been told that “All politics is local.” I have often used that phrase myself. However, I now realize that this is propaganda. It has been ingrained into us for the purpose of helping incumbent politicians remain in office. I live in California, not Nevada. Yet Harry Reid has done great harm to me and all hard working, productive Americans. I will do all I can with my limited resources to help remove Reid from office in 2010. Politicians will not put term-limits on themselves. We must do it. Otherwise, they will stay in office decade after decade or until God intervenes (Murtha & Byrd).

I am going to list and rank the 10 races that I believe should be the focus of all Americans. I have selected those where there is a decent chance to make a difference. For example, Maxine Waters is one of the worst politicians in our nation’s history. She did not make the list because there is nothing we can do about her this election cycle. Conversely, some incredibly good people were left off of the list because their opponents were not rated an F. By limiting it to 10, I wanted only win-win situations. That meant that one candidate had to be rated an A and their opponent an F. Maximum reward!

Americans have always answered the call in the face of danger. Our Republic needs you to answer that call yet again. Get actively involved. To do nothing is to do something. It is our complacency that the liberal/progressives are depending upon to overcome the Constitution.

I encourage you all to check out these candidates for yourselves. For example, if you want to see what a condescending dirtbag Pete Stark is, watch and listen to him at a 6-26-2010 town hall:

Contrast this with Lt. Colonel Allen West (ret.) in his Bayonets speech:

So, here is my list. We must do all we can while we still can. The outcome of these races will impact Americans for generations to come. We cannot wait until 2012. The politicians I have rated F are like drug addicts. Their drug of choice is tax payer money and they won’t stop taking it until they kill the host. There must be an interdiction and we must perform it.

Glen A. Amos

Top 10 National Races 2010

Scorecard evaluates positions on Controlling U. S. Borders, Dodd-Frank Financial Overhaul Bill, Gun Control, Earmark Moratorium, Federal Takeover of Student Loans, Stimulus Bill & TARP. These ratings do not take into account social issues. The grades are with respect to Fiscal Responsibility, Constitutionally Limited Government, Free Markets and Compliance with the Constitution and Bill of Rights. An A rating is the best possible and an F the worst possible.

1. Senate – Nevada Incumbent Harry Reid F
Challenger Sharron Angle A

2. Senate – Florida Challenger Marco Rubio A
Challenger Charlie Christ F
Challenger Kendrick Meek F

3. Congress CA-13 Incumbent Pete Stark F
Challenger Forest Baker A

4. Senate – Kentucky Challenger Rand Paul A
Challenger Jack Conway F

5. Congress MN-6 Challenger Tarryl Clark F
Incumbent Michele Bachmann A

6. Congress FL-22 Incumbent Ron Klein F
Challenger Allen West A

7. Senate - WI Challenger Ron Johnson A
Incumbent Russ Feingold F

8. Congress CA-37 Incumbent Laura Richardson F
Challenger Star Parker A

9. Congress TX-30 Incumbent Eddie Johnson F
Challenger Stephen Broaden A

10. Congress NY-23 Incumbent Bill Owens F
Challenger Doug Hoffman A
Challenger Matt Doheny D

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