Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sacred Ground

In the United States, there are many locations that are sacred ground. If you ever go inside the long-barracks at the Alamo, you can sense the killing lust of the men making their last stand and the Mexican soldiers storming into the building. The carnage and stench of death must have been all encompassing, drowning out Santa Anna's buglers playing of “No Quarter.” There is a surreal feeling to the long-barracks that cannot be conveyed by the printed word. It is not quite the same as when walking the grounds of Arlington or the Punchbowl. When looking at the grave markers of generals lying beside privates at Arlington Cemetery or that of our fallen heroes buried at the Punchbowl Cemetery, I felt sadness but also pride. At the long-barracks, there was something more and it made my skin tingle. I could pick up on the intense fear of many men fighting to the death in hand to hand combat, 110 years before I was born. I saw no apparitions as many others have claimed; but I felt the energy and it was icy cold. I did not want to remain in this small building nor did I not want to leave it. The bodies of the defenders of the Alamo were dismembered, buried in mass graves, dropped in the river or burned.

I suspect the intent of the neat rows of white crosses and manicured lawns of our national cemeteries is to provide a feeling of closure and nobility, of coming home to spend eternity with your patriots in arms. The settings are so serene that we don’t connect with the horror that gave them their entry passes. Perhaps that is a good thing. Regardless, the Alamo and our national cemeteries are sacred ground.

At Gettysburg, on July 1-3 in 1863 we suffered approximately 50,000 American causalities. That is nearly as many in 3 days as during the entire Vietnam War! “Causalities” is a cruel word as there is nothing causal about what happened at Gettysburg. There was no morphine and surgeons were more like butchers. To be wounded and placed on the surgeon’s table would have been horrific.

You can make a list of our sacred grounds if you wish. It would be a good thing to teach your children or grandchildren. I suspect Pearl Harbor, Ground Zero and Shanksville, Pennsylvania (wreckage of Flight 93) would make your list. Perhaps Ford’s theater in DC, Dealey Plaza in Dallas and the Lorraine Motel in Memphis would be included? A good argument could be made for these and many other locations. My list would have to include the voting booths all across this land.

The United States has been a beacon of hope for the entire world. That light is beginning to fade as Progressives in DC work feverishly to transfer the wealth of our nation to others. The Progressives and RINOs in the House and Senate are allowing the Congress to be made irrelevant by the Obama Administration. The Supreme Court is being stacked with those who do not believe in our Constitution. Our Justice Department is controlled by racists and our politicians cower to Muslims who are intent on bringing Shari law to the United States.

We can all visualize that picture of the woman in Iraq smiling and proudly holding up her ink stained finger. She was fully aware that there were many in the streets that might torture or kill her for voting. Still, she did so and encouraged others to vote through her bravery.

Our Republic is at a crossroads. We must throw out as many global governance politicians as possible. If we do not take control of Congress away from Progressives and RINO elitist this November 2nd, our nation will succumb to tyranny; and President Obama will succeed in his quest to fundamentally transform America into a debtor nation. Dip your finger in purple ink before going to the polling place. Vote and then proudly hold up that stained digit to the New Black Panthers and Eric Holder on the way out.

Glen A. Amos

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