Saturday, April 14, 2012

Go Crimson!

I am of the opinion that any graduate of Harvard or Yale should automatically be ineligible to hold public office.

If elected, Mitt Romney would be the 9th Harvard graduate to become President of the United States. Now I can cut John Adams and John Quincy Adams some slack given the lack of choices back then. I am willing to overlook Rutherford B. Hayes (most people do). Teddy Roosevelt, Glenn Beck’s opinion notwithstanding, I give “an incomplete.” However, starting with Franklin Roosevelt right through Barrack Obama, this country could have done much better.

I do not mean by electing the individuals who ran against them. Rather, we must insist on better choices. This election cycle, the people made it clear we did not approve of what was being force fed us by the RNC elite. We did not win the war. A Harvard graduate with no real core values, other than the accumulation of personal wealth and power, will certainly be the Republican candidate. He was preordained by the Harvard/Yale cabal. By the way, George W. Bush is a graduate of both schools of higher socialist learning. Still, we bloodied their noses. We fought back and they were surprised at our lack of appreciation for their wisdom and benevolent guidance.

Maybe someday we will put a person like Sarah Palin or Allen West in the oval office…people who are not alumni of (or welcome in) the hallowed halls of Harvard and Yale…people who put our country first and foremost.

For now, we must defeat Obama or the greatest country in the history of the world will be transformed into a second tier nation, at best. We are only one generation away from losing the freedoms so many have bled to secure and protect. Is this the generation that chooses government welfare over individual responsibility, soft tyranny over freedom? We shall see come November 6.


  1. Glen,

    Wow! Your first line is one fantastic attention getter. And you go on to summarize the situation beautifully. Most importantly, your statement that we must insist upon better choices gets to the heart of the matter. We must insist on better choices with the media as well. Once again I find myself in a position voting against the incumbent and not necessarily for the candidate. But vote out this incumbent we must. We absolutely must come together on this point, regardless of how we feel about our choices this election. We have to vote unanimously to get Obama out of office November 6. A landslide would be nice, even if it is helps Romney. Once that happens, we must be diligent and hold him accountable to the people as well.

    Yes, we bloodied their noses but the fight continues!

  2. I believe we can force a convention fight and Newt still has a chance to win there - I'm not giving up!

    "NEVER, NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!" - the words of the great Winston Churchill!