Sunday, May 23, 2010

Civil Disobedience

Last week, the Assistant Secretary of State expressed concern to China for the civil rights violations the Obama Administration expects to happen as a result of Arizona 1070. Thursday, on American soil, the President of Mexico publically chastised Arizona over SB1070. Calderon lectures Arizona in President Obama’s presence and rather than defend Arizona, Obama supported Calderon’s criticisms! Friday, the President of Mexico received a standing ovation from our politicians as he spoke in front of a joint session of Congress and again attacked Arizona. This is despicable! This is infuriating! This is on purpose.

As I understand it, (thanks Charles Krauthammer), anyone caught entering Mexico illegally is subject to a 2 year prison sentence. If caught a second time, it is a
10-year sentence. Now I don’t know this for a fact, but my guess is Mexican prisons do not offer color TV and an exercise gym. There were just under 12,000 people murdered in Mexico in the past two years. How about President Calderon cleaning up his own house!

For two weeks, Obama and his minions, headed by the US Attorney General Holder and Homeland Security Chief Napolitano, have driven a wedge between Americans by going in front of the lapdog media and lamenting about the injustice of SB1070 (which practically mirrors existing Federal law). Now they admit that they never even read SB1070! It is only about 16 pages and they have not read the bill that they have been lambasting for two weeks!

What’s up with all this? The answer is simple and horrible. The reason for all of the constant in-your-face insults to the American people is that the Obama Administration wants to incite civil unrest. That would provide them with the excuse they need to clamp down on the internet, talk radio, Tea Party Movement, etc. It would be done, of course, for the good of the country. They are starting to succeed.

More and more Americans are saying they just can’t take any more of this Administration’s America bashing. There is a clamoring for more direct and immediate reaction via civil disobedience. Every time Obama craped on our friends such as Poland, the U. K. and Israel while bowing and kissing up to our enemies, the American people cringed. Yet, that hasn’t been enough to accomplish the liberal/progressives goals. So now they malign the people of Arizona. Los Angles is boycotting Arizona and Arizona reminds LA that 25% of their electricity is supplied by Arizona. I can almost see that Cheshire cat smile on Obama’s face. This is precisely what the progressives want to happen, state against state, ethnic group vs. ethnic group.

A comment about civil disobedience...we must not to go there, at least until we see what happens with the 2010 elections. The TTP movement has made tremendous strides. Look at Rubio and Paul. One more week and NY23 would have gone conservative. We are not just trading Liberal/Progressives for RINOs. There are a lot of good candidates running for office (black, white, Latino and Asian). I cannot remember such a thing. It is usually vote for this dirtbag or that dirtbag. We have a chance to take back our country at the ballot box. Let's not blow it. Arizona, you can help in a big way by dumping McCain.

If we go to civil disobedience now, the TPP will evaporate faster than a morning fog. All our work will have been for nothing. The Tea Party Movement will go from several million to several thousand almost overnight. The socialist/communist in power in DC know this and will do all they can to instigate or fabricate it.

If we cannot take back the House in 2010 (Senate is also a possibility), we will not be able to wait until 2012. Obama, Soros, etc. will have destroyed our economy and have too large a % of Americans dependent on government handouts. If that happens, and I pray it doesn't, I would be with you on civil disobedience.

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