Monday, May 17, 2010

Let It Burn

A TPP friend in Austin, TX sent me the May 15, 2010 article from American Thinker with the title "Let it Burn."

The author of this article did indeed make many salient points. I agree with almost everything he/she writes. Basically, it is pointed out that our politicians are like drug dealers and way too many Americans are citizen-addicts. Yes, "endless, ever expanding government programs" has created our "current fiscal nightmare." The argument is made that the economic attitude of the nation has shifted from self-sufficient, individualism to a nation of addicts hooked on politician's false promises of economic security. I agree with this premise and the arguments given in the article to support this position are sound and well presented. His/her writing skills are truly impressive. Who among us active in the Tea Party Movement would not agree with this quote from "Let It Burn."

"For the past hundred years, America has been slowly moving away from the principals of its founding. The ideals of liberty...and the equality of opportunity have been slowly supplanted by calls for security, class warfare, excessive regulation and the equality of outcome."

I wish I could write with such eloquence. So what is my problem with this article?

I most ardently disagree with the author's conclusion and solution, which is, "...America is lost." "Attempts by responsible citizens at reform will be only partially successful, not changing the fundamentals of our dilemma." The author insists that we must allow America to go through the process of "hitting bottom." The article goes on with, "The decline has begun, and now our nation must hit bottom" and admits that "Detoxing America will cause social, political and economic strife of a sort unimaginable, and yet it is a process we must endure."

No, we don't! We must not allow our country to reach this point.

What this American Thinker article suggests is straight out of Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals. It is what Barrack Obama studied and taught as a community organizer. They want to overwhelm the system from within. When our economy collapses, the Obama Administration will come riding to the rescue. With enough people out of work, their families going hungry and homes lost, many will accept anyone as their savior. John Nichols of the communist publication Free Press said, “Hungry people fighting over food don’t usually make real sound decisions.” This is Rahm Emanuel's philosophy on steroids. "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste." The progressives believe that once this transformation occurs, it will be permanent.

However, most Americans will not long endure the loss of their liberties that such false security would bring. We would rise up and destroy the yoke of "soft slavery" that always accompanies government dependency. Once the progressives have us under their authority, they would not easily relinquish control. No rational person would ever want to reach this point. We must not allow this to happen. This is precisely why I wrote the book American Revolution 2010 – A Tea Party Patriot’s Call to Arms.

I equate the 2010 elections to a trauma center. It is where we can stop the financial bleeding and prevent our country from going into shock. Once stabilized, we can then focus on the 2012 elections and rid ourselves of the enemies within. This would mean some would have to break their personal paradigm when it comes to casting votes. We will only prolong the inevitable if we elect RINOS.

“Let it burn” shall not happen! This is a call to action. We Patriots must once again stand together and mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

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