Thursday, September 2, 2010

John Cusack and Other America Haters

In my book, American Revolution 2010, there is a chapter on Hollywood titled Curtain Call. This comes to mind because of recent John Cusack remarks.

Cusack commented that Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor rally was “Unifying whites – class war of blame and fear.” I was one of the 500,000 souls who attended the 8-28 event. I spent 8 hours there. All races and ages were present. It was all about acceptance of others and belief in God. Cusack, like his liberal/progressive friends, speaks out of ignorance and bias.

On August 29, Cusack’s Twitter feed reportedly read, “I am for a satanic death cult center at Fox News H.Q…” He once called a patriotic Tweeter a “flag sucking halfwit.” When I think of all the men and boys who were killed or maimed trying to protect our flag, Cusack’s remark makes my blood boil.

In Curtain Call, I proclaim that I will never spend another dollar supporting the lavish lifestyles of the Hollywood elitists who in return disparage conservatives and America. Cusack now joins the likes of Tom Hanks, Sean Penn, Danny Glover and Julia Roberts in the long list of Hollywood’s Hugo Chavez loving, Hate America First club. They have every right to their socialist beliefs. I have every right to avoid their play acting. In fact, it is more than my right; it is my obligation.

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