Saturday, September 25, 2010

Throw Them All Out

There are a few (very few) incumbent politicians fighting the good fight for us. Among that list would be Congressman Tom McClintock of California, Congresswoman Michele Bachman of Wisconsin and Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina. It is critical that we get this coming election right. We must study the candidates and support, as best we can, those who are a positive force for protecting our Constitution and removing those who are a cancer to our Republic.

The Democrat party, totally controlled by progressives, has made Bachman their number one target. The blue-blood, inside the beltway Republican leadership recognizes DeMint as a threat to their power. McClintock was the man who had the cajones to stand up and rebuke Mexican President Calderon for his reprehensible insults toward the state of Arizona on the floor of our House. These three incumbent politicians, and a few others, present an obstacle to the progressives’ (Democrat and Republican) goal of fundamentally transforming America.

If my only choice was to keep them all or purge them all, I would not hesitate to push down on the chrome handle and flush them all away. However, We the People have choices and we must be far more aware of voting records and past actions. We must not rely on the corrupt news media or campaign ads, most of which are distortions, illusions or flat out lies.

We have made a significant difference already in this election cycle by not accepting many of the elitist, poachers that the Republican establishment demanded that we, the ignorant masses, support. Let us not waste our votes (because it would never succeed) and diminish our efforts with a “throw them all out” approach. Do the research and make your vote count.

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  1. Normally, Being a centrist, progressive, democrat and all, post on a conservative type blog (I have but rarely).

    Your statement "The Democrat party, totally controlled by progressives..." is SO WRONG that I could not help but to point out the error of your ways.

    It only takes a few searches to find out that, just like Tea Party Types, progressives (of all shades) are not too happy with the way things are going, otherwise, there would be Zero discussion about any Republican Gains ANYWHERE.

    Have a good day and weekend (what remains) and try to find those issues that you can work with progressives on, and there are several that come to mind.