Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bounce Boehner

More than 2 weeks before the Nov. 2nd election, I predicted a Republican pick-up of 55 to 60 House seats and 9 to 10 Senate seats. The final totals were 63 and 6. If it were not for the Republican machine fighting against us, we would have picked up 8 in the Senate (Alaska and Nevada). Considering I was more accurate than people like Dick Morris who are paid lots of money to go on TV, write blogs and books about politics, I’ll take it.

I posted a Blog November 4th called Party Leadership. Many who follow my blogs questioned why I was so negative toward John Boehner. If you have been paying attention since then, I trust you now understand. The so called leadership of the Republican Party broke their promise on not raising taxes and stopping earmarks faster than hummingbirds wings can flap. Then Boehner anoints the China light bulb pusher Fred Upton as Chairman Energy & Commerce and pork-barrel king Hal Rogers as House Appropriations Chairman. Both of these appointments were in direct opposition to the wishes of the Tea Party movement. This was a backhanded slap to the face followed by a kick to the groin.

If all of our work during 2010 is to mean anything of significance, we must stop Boehner and his cohorts. We can do this. You see, Boehner need not be Speaker of the House. This cannot officially be voted on until the class of 2011 is sworn-in.

I am pleading with Tom McClintock (CA), Michele Bachman (MN), Jason Chaffetz (Ut), Jeff Flake (AZ), Jeff Miller (FL) and the other veteran congressman constitutionalists, to join the freshmen and block Boehner and his cronies. You can do this. You can stop the business as usual mentality. Do NOT let them maintain leadership or very little will change, regardless of the People’s landslide election of last month.

Candidly, we who work for a living and pay for everything, are running out of options. I am pleading with you to fight the good fight for us. Do not let these DC blue-bloods continue to bankrupt our Country.

Glen A. Amos

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