Saturday, October 24, 2009

At War with RINOS

At War with RINOS

No, I am not talking about the rotund beauties at the zoo or wilds of Africa. This is about Republicans in Name Only.

People who are superficially aware of The Tea Party Patriots, think that we are only "anti-Obama administration". No one can pretend to speak for all of the numerous Tea Party groups around the nation, let alone our (15 million or so) members. But the following is fundamental to all of us. We believe in fiscal responsibility, limited government, free markets, respect for our Constitution and Bill of Rights and a government that answers to the people. Does this reflect the Obama Administration? Of course not. It also does not reflect the true positions of Newt Gingrich, Senator Graham, Senator McCain, Senator Snowe and many other Republicans. No reasonable person could possibly believe these RINOS promote small government and fiscal responsibility.

On November 3rd, a special election will be held in New York's 23rd District to replace the Republican that was appointed Secretary of the Army by President Obama. This is a very strong Republican district. Yet, the GOP selected a candidate (no primary) that is pro-card check, pro-ACORN, pro-high taxes, was for the stimulus package and was the 2008 Margaret Sanger Award Winner (Planned Parenthood’s Highest Honor).. Her name is Dede Scozzafava. Her Republican values are as dear to her as those held by Arlen Specter. The Republican National Committie and Newt Gingrich support Ms. Scozzafava. Why? Because, they put the Republican Party before the will of the people.

Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and many conservatives across the nation support Doug Hoffman, an Independent.

The Democrat now has a slight lead over Scozzafava, who has a slight lead over Hoffman. So, why support Hoffman? Because electing Scozzafava is electing someone way left of blue dog Democrats. It would continue the diminishing of conservative representation in Washington. Hoffman is coming on fast and may actually win. He has a good chance. Regardless, the tremendous support now being given to a true conservative sends a clear message to the RNC. We conservatives have absolutely had it with RINOS. We want conservative candidates in 2010. We do not want a radical leftist like Scozzafava or “liberal lights” such as McCain or Graham. I for one will not give a single dime to the RNC until they stop promoting RINOS for office.

Please go to I visited the site today and sent his campaign a donation. Conservatism needs your active support.

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