Friday, October 23, 2009

Treaty in Copenhagen

Al Gore has become a very wealthy man over the past 8 years promoting a hoax, man-made global warming. Even some reasonable people believe in global warming with the caveat that it may not be a result of anything we humans have done (cow flatulence perhaps?). Bill O’Reilly is among this group. It escapes me how these people justify their position when according to the National Climatic Data Centre, the earth’s hottest recorded year was 1998. NASA claims it was 1934. Keep in mind, by the earth’s calendar; we started recording temperatures about 5 seconds ago. 1998 or 1934, whichever; the point is that while Gore, Michael Moore, GE, and hundreds of other individuals and Corporations are raking in obscene amounts of dollars and exposing us to a plethora of “Green” feel good schemes and lost jobs, the weather is actually getting cooler. Weather is cyclic. That’s all there is to it. Weather is cyclic.
The “Health Care Bill” is not about health care. It is about the government taking control of 1/6th of the U. S. economy and the power over our lives that comes with that. Global Warming is not about global warming; it is about a one world order and a redistribution of wealth.
After viewing Christopher Monckton’s speech of October 14 at St. Paul MN, I began feeling overwhelmed. The Obama administration and the liberals in power are throwing everything at us at once. The 1960’s hippies and the younger socialist graduates from elite universities (oops, redundant, I already listed Obama) view this as a unique moment in history. They can now make change happen that they believe in.
Well maybe and maybe not.
We the people still have the power. If we don’t use that power and do it now, we will lose it. Tragically, if we allow the power of the people to slip away, if we are passive and just let it happen, (because after all, what can one person do?), then our children will have to take back the republic and it will be horrific. Once lost, it won’t come back at the ballot box. Right this minute, the Obama administration is trying to shut down all opposition, Fox News, Glenn Beck, the fairness doctrine, there is no limit. They want domination over all forms of communication. Complacency is not an option if we truly want to avoid a repeat of April 1861.
As we may recall from our high school civics class (back when schools actually taught such things), it is Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution that gives the Senate the exclusive right to provide “advise and consent” to the president on treaties and nominations. It requires two thirds of the Senate to ratify a treaty. The Constitution gives the Senate the power to approve treaties negotiated by the executive branch. Technically, the Senate takes up a “resolution of ratification,” by which the Senate formally gives its advice and consent.

A treaty is only made a part of the municipal law of a nation when the treaty has been ratified. Once ratified, the state has bound itself to public international law. We can’t un-ring the bell. Just to make sure, I phoned Senator Feinstein’s office and Representative McClintock’s office in Washington. Staff for both assured me that international law could not enforce a treaty signed by a U. S. President without ratification by 2/3 of the U. S. Senate.
I would be very surprised if President Obama does not pay for his 2009 Nobel Prize by signing away our sovereignty in Copenhagen this December. His left wing supports want him to do this. A stronger United Nations and a weaker United States makes the world a better place in their view. We must stop forcing our will on other nations. We must redistribute the wealth.
So, how about the Senate? Would they go along with giving away our sovereignty? Certainly some would do so gladly, but 2/3 of them? The chairman of the U. S. Senate’s environment committee said this week that it’s possible Congress will pass a bill aimed at slowing global warming even before international talks in Copenhagen in December. Senator Boxer supports signing the global treaty. She met with U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and conveyed her support. Ban has made the new climate treaty a top priority. Senator John Kerry is on board with it.
We need to talk to our friends, neighbors, work colleagues and family members. We must unite and shout as one “STOP”! Write letters to the editor of your local paper, join or form a Tea Party Patriots group, call you representative in Washington, picket their local offices and demand to be heard. Right NOW make a commitment that you will not let our freedom be taken away. Protest as long as loud it takes. Do this so your children and grandchildren will not have to bleed to bring back the Republic that we let slip away.

Treaty in Copenhagen

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