Sunday, May 30, 2010

Obama's Tinder Box

I am on the Tea Party Patriots’ Ning Network and a member of 28 TPP Groups on that Network. So, I have my finger on the pulse of Patriots and can tell you the blood pressure is rising.

This building anger is not without sound reasons. The Obama Administration has taken their objective of deliberately inflaming the American people to an art form. Please read my recent Blogs on called “Civil Disobedience” and “Let it Burn”.

What prompts this Blog are recent emails and posts from all around the country with the theme of, “They will have to take my guns off my dead body.” Then, last week I had lunch with a friend who was a retired 30-year veteran of law enforcement. When the conversation flowed into the socialist/progressives need to control the flow of communications (net neutrality/fairness doctrine) and securing firearms, my friend replied that he would “go down fighting.”

I pointed out to him that it would not be Rahm Emanuel, Nancy Pelosi or Barack Obama who would come to his door. No, they would send some 23-year old deputy sheriff or a young policewoman and mother of 2 children. I asked, “Are you really going to shoot these people for doing their jobs? What about the grief and anguish this would cause their children, parents and siblings? Don’t you see that what is going on is a deliberate attempt to ignite civil unrest?” He must have thought back over his many years of service as his eyes became moist. He had a friend (fellow officer) who was murdered by a bomb blast back in the radical Bill Ayers (“we didn’t do enough”) days. But, I am sure it was just allergies as my friend is a tough man.

There was understandable awkward moment of silence. Then, he asked, “Well what the hell can we do?” Here is my response to all of you who have just about had it.
I was at the Tax Day Protest in 09 and again this year. I was at the kickoff of the Tea Party Express in 2009 in Sacramento and at the end of its journey in Washington DC. I attended the 9-12 March on Washington and (God willing) will again this year. I have attended most all of the Nevada County, CA Tea Party Patriots’ functions over the past 12 months and a several TPP events outside my local chapter. I went to town halls and confronted politicians. I wrote letters to editors and to members of Congress. I have posted numerous Blogs on TPP sites and others across this country. I even wrote and published a book that chronicles the Tea Party Movement and the peril our country faces from within our own government (American Revolution 2010 – A Tea Party Patriot’s Call to Arms).

Millions of Patriots have done this much and more. Lori Parker founded As A Mom. Mark Meckler, Jenny Beth Martin and a handful of other founders have put their lives on hold while promoting the values of the TPP around the country…without pay. Ginni Thomas just started Liberty Central. Do you think the wife of a Supreme Court Justice, and high powered DC business women in her own right, wasn’t already a tad busy?

We have one shot at stopping the madness before the Obama Administration declares communications like this one seditious. Woodrow Wilson’s administration had U.S. citizens arrested for speaking out against government policies. Do you really think Obama would not do the same?

We will know by the November elections if we can save our Republic at the ballot box. We have precious little time. Please, get involved…NOW! It is literally a matter of life and death.

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  1. Glen,

    I appreciate your "reality check" about going down fighting. For our own sake and the sake of our children, we must not fail to effect change peaceably. If those whom care about restoring American government (back to a leadership that represents and works for the people) do nothing in hopes that someone else will, we are doomed. Every caring American MUST get involved, whether it be attending and helping with local Tea Party Patriot groups or simply starting every day with phone calls to representatives, e-mails, faxes and so on, do SOMETHING to make your voice heard while you still can do so! If you don't know what to do, ask a Patriot!