Thursday, June 24, 2010

Litmus Test

Regardless of whether it is right or wrong and no matter if we admit it or not, for decades we have had a simple litmus test with respect to candidates for the Supreme Court. Does the person support or oppose abortion?

It has been a while, but I think Rush Limbaugh once commented that from a Constitutional perspective the critical error of Roe VS. Wade was that this should never have been made a federal law. Rather, it should be up to each state to determine the legality of abortion.

Regardless, it is my belief that we should have a new litmus test for any Supreme Court nominee. It is simply this: Do you believe in Sanctuary Cities?

At this point in time, the answer to that simple question provides us with profound insight.

According to our Founding Fathers, we are supposed to be a nation of laws, not a nation of men. By this it was meant that the law was to be applied equally among us all. George Washington refused to be named King and would not put himself above the law. Ask yourself, have we abandoned this concept that is so vital to a free Republic?

Do laws even matter anymore? Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis recently appeared in video offering government assistance to illegal immigrants who think they are underpaid. She gave a toll free phone number and promised confidentiality.

Our government has for decades refused to protect our borders. It is so bad today that there is a significant portion of Arizona where the government has posted signs warning that it is too dangerous for We the People. Yet, the government will not enforce the federal immigration regulations. When Arizona writes their own regulation that mirrors the federal regulation, our government threatens to sue Arizona. I guess if you do not believe in God, you have no reason to take your oath of office seriously.

It is my contention that a person who believes in Sanctuary Cities, by definition, cannot believe in the rule of law. I do not want anyone on the United States Supreme Court who does not believe in the rule of law.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Left/Right - Day/Night

Just how far apart are we in the United States? The divide could not be greater.

Just over half of us are passionate about individual freedom and hold as truth that we are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable Rights. Yet, nearly half of this once great nation ardently believes they are entitled to be taken care of by their government. They support the decades old transfer of wealth (socialism) that is taking place at an alarmingly accelerated pace under the Obama Administration.
Some within the entitlement group have no idea that the government has no money. They do not understand that we in the private sector have our money taken from us and transferred to them. They assume it is all “Obama Stash”. Others just don’t care where the money comes from as long as they are on the receiving end.

Sadly, there is another group that I think of as the Super-rich with White Guilt. These elitist are made up of politicians, Harvard trained lawyers and Hollywood celebrities. They make possible the soft slavery of “entitlements.” They claim to do this out of compassion. In truth, they do it to massage their own giant egos. They want the entire world to know how much they care. Of course, this maintains a subservient class to service their life styles. This is not an unintended consequence.

My new book American Revolution 2010 – A Tea Party Patriot’s Call to Arms is a warning for those too busy with their day-to-day lives to be aware of the dangers we are now facing from enemies within our own government. It is written with passion and candor. It is not politically correct or partisan for either political party. The response to my book has been overwhelmingly positive. Of course, with that title, those purchasing the book are not One-World-Order enthusiast. I did, however, send a free copy to a Washington DC liberal lawyer (redundant, I know). His response clearly depicts just how deeply divided we have become. Here is his reply:

“I disagree with just about everything in your book. Seeing subversive plots by people one disagrees with strikes me as paranoid.” He went on to say that he considered me and the Tea Party movement as “profoundly un-American.”

I think that accurately defined our differing views. There is no room for nuance. Our nation’s wealth is being systematically and ravenously consumed. Unless we dramatically reduce government spending, there will be nothing left for those in Washington to steal. No bankrupt nation can long remain sovereign. Perhaps that is the point?