Sunday, October 23, 2011

DiCaprio's Karma

Did you know that under hypocrisy in the dictionary is a picture of Leonardo DiCaprio? Given the competition for this coveted honor, that is a major accomplishment. To be fair, Al Gore was disqualified on a technicality having something to do with the Screen Actors Guild. Word on the street is that Di Caprio has a lock on the title “Hypocrite of His Generation” after the purchase of a Fisker Karma luxury EV.

Not being a member of Mensa brain trust, I had to Google “luxury EV.” It turns out to just mean luxury electric vehicle or (as Rush would say) for you folks in Rio Linda, an expensive car. Now, I have no problem with how the very wealthy spend their money. In fact, all I ask is that they spend it rather than horde it. However, there are a couple pesky problems with the Fisker Karma and DiCaprio’s purchase of one.

In 2010, the U. S. Department of Energy provided “green” automotive start-up Fisker a $529 million federal government loan guarantee. As the United States is broke, we had to borrow 40% of that money (roughly $212 million) from China. I doubt that China loaned us that money interest free. However, Vice President Joseph Biden heralded the DoE loan as a bright new path to thousands of American manufacturing jobs. Oops. This past week we tax payers were informed that the job of assembling the Fisker Karma has been outsourced to Finland. The car company’s founder claimed, “There was no contract manufacturer in the U. S. that could actually produce our vehicle.” Oh, really? Can anyone say “Solyndra”? This is one more incredibly stupid decision by our inept and overreaching government.

DiCaprio doesn’t just pay lip service at being a leftist, environmental wacko. He is an impassioned environmental campaigner who said about Barrack Obama being elected President, “I couldn’t be more proud of my county right now. I think the entire world was looking for a transition like this.

In 2007, DiCaprio co-wrote, produced and narrated a feature propaganda documentary titled The 11th Hour. In this film, he makes the case that the world is on the brink because we have ignored nature’s warning signs and because our political and corporate leaders have ignored overwhelming scientific evidence. DiCaprio insist the United States “must transition to a greener future.” Okay. I could respectfully agree to disagree as long as DiCaprio included himself among those who had to “green” up.

Does Mr. DiCaprio walk the walk? According to Forbes, DiCaprio is worth about $220 million and was listed as # 15 on their “Celebrity 100 List” of most powerful people in entertainment. Yet, he owned a Toyota Prius hybrid. That was good for show. Unfortunately, this was exposed as sanctimony based on his infamous private jet, jet-setting life style. Surely he knows that air travel accounts for 2% of world emissions of carbon dioxide. Besides, his Prius is no more, turned in for the $100,000 Fisker Karma.

The official window sticker reportedly reads 52-mpg-equivalent in city and highway driving. Closer investigation, however, will disclose this includes 32 miles of all-electric range before the cars’ lithium-ion battery pack is drained. Then it only gets 20 mpg when the gasoline engine kicks in. So, we tax payers are out $529 million, go farther in debt to China, create jobs in Finland and add to the cool mystic of one Leonardo DiCaprio.

A word of caution Leo…Karma can be a bitch.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

December 1 Dinner

Important Announcement
Available for Immediate Press Release

In the spirit of the campaign season, Glen & Wendy Amos will be hosting a fund raising dinner at our home in Lake of the Pines, CA. on December 1, 2011.

This will be a $25,000 (paper) plate event. Hot dogs and hamburgers will be served (buns optional) along with the finest Nevada Irrigation District tap water.

All proceeds will go toward the Glen & Wendy retirement fund. We anticipate this event will be sold out. So, please RSVP at your first convenience (no later than the morning of December 1st).

Sunday, October 2, 2011

FOX Going Left

There has been a noticeable shift in Fox. I will stop short of saying I don’t believe in coincidence, but at the very least I am always very skeptical of it. It sure seems to me that the shift to the left came about the time rumors started about Glenn Beck leaving his top rated show. It has escalated over the past few weeks.

It is my opinion that Fox would be pleased with either Perry or Romney. Because these two are showing signs of weakness, Fox will do all possible to get Christie into the mix in order to marginalize the non-elitist (conservative) candidates.

Hannity is partly responsible for RINO John McCain being reelected in Arizona over the clear desires of the Tea Party Movement in that state. Fox usually provides Hannity’s “buddy” Bob Beckel a forum to spew his liberal nonsense twice daily. Even a true conservative, Judge Napolitano has been given the word from on high. Last week he introduced Charlie Rangel as, “my good friend.”

If it were not for the RNC and Karl Rove, we would have picked up two and perhaps three more Senate seats in 2010. Rove cost us 2 of the 3 by going on Fox touting how our candidates were unqualified and unelectable. We can thank Fox and Rove for Harry Reid still being in the Senate. Fox and Rove are at it again.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Shell Game

Rush Limbaugh and conservative talk show hosts all seemed surprised that the Obama Administration expedited Obama Care direct to the Supreme Court. They offered various explanations but none that resonated with me as the overriding basis for making such a decision. Here is my take on it.

With a Chicago organizer as POTUS, everything is a shell game. The administration entices us to watch the right hand while the left hand does the real magic. What could possibly be so important that Obama would want all of us to be focused on his health care take over and the Supreme Court? After all this is his signature legislation. The answer is net neutrality.

Obama Care, unless he can replace one constitutional conservative Justice with a liberal socialist, will be thrown out by the Supreme Court. Why not wait and hope for the worst with the health of a conservative Justice? His internal polling indicates another conservative tsunami in 2012. There is a strong possibility he will lose the Senate. Independent voters and even some Democrats are voicing opposition to his having a second term as President. Obama Care would become a footnote in history and his legacy tarnished. So, he must do all possible to reverse the nation’s awareness of his policies and actions (Fast & Furious, LightSquared, Solyndra, ad nauseam).

How can he stop the deluge of negative information that seems capable of consuming his administration? He already has the media in lock-step support. It is talk radio and above all the internet that shines the destructive light of truth on his socialist agenda. Occasionally, the stories they break so enrages his subjects that even the lame-stream media must reluctantly report on them. The ACORN sting videos are perhaps the best example but the list is voluminous. Now, there is even GBTV on the internet 10 hours a week. Drudge, Limbaugh, Hannity, this free flow of information must be curtailed and in time to impact the 2012 elections. What to do? Go back to the tried and true shell game.

Get everyone’s attention on Obama Care and the Supreme Court while his minions publish the net neutrality order under the disguised and purposely misleading name of “Open Internet.” Yes, they did it. They published it in the Federal Resister. The effective date of the new rule is November 20, 2011. Unless “We the People” rise up and DEMAND that Congress overturns this order, November 20 will be remembered by our future rulers with the same reverence most of us feel toward July 4th.

The vast majority of Americans, regardless of party affiliation, strongly oppose the government controlling the internet. Congress rejected the idea decisively. The courts rejected a power play by the FCC against Comcast several months ago. The D. C. Circuit Court of Appeals declared that the Commission overstepped the limits of its”ancillary authority.” All of that has just been irritating obstacles that Obama has had to work around.

I am calling on everyone, especially every Tea Party movement member and every member of the Patriot Action Network to give maximum effort at stopping this attempt to silence us. With respect to free speech, if we don’t stop “Open Internet,” it will not be the end of the beginning; it will be the beginning of the end.