Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mosque or Victory Shrine?

Open Letter to Senator Mikulski:

Senator Mikulski, I have no reason to think that you mean to cause emotional harm to the citizens that you represent. However, please understand that it is the Islamic tradition to build a mosque on the site of a victory to celebrate defeat of the infidel. The Islamic world would see this as weakness on our part and victory over the Great Satan. It would encourage more aggression.

On the flip side, it would be like building a Nazi shrine at Auschwitz or Dachau. To allow a mosque visible at Ground Zero would be an affront to every American.

Please, reconsider your position regarding a mosque at Ground Zero. This is sacred ground similar to The Arizona in Pearl Harbor. Allowing or supporting a mosque at Ground Zero is not supporting a separation of church and state. No, it is choosing sides.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Single Digits

I have long been of the opinion that there is no single group more intolerant than liberals. Well, there are the Islamic terrorists, Chinese communists, North Korean communists…okay, okay. Let me be more specific. In the United States, it is generally not the conservatives that are intolerant; it is the liberal/progressives.

Yesterday, at the July 4th parade in Nevada City, I rode on the Tea Party Patriots’ float. The vast majority of people lining the streets cheered and waved flags as our float passed by. Several who must have disagreed with the TPP principal of fiscal responsibility, limited government and adherence to the Constitution and Bill of Rights, respectfully remained silent. A few, who were more passionate in their opposition, gave us thumbs down. Good people can disagree. Every true conservative would defend the right of others to disagree with us.

However, there were a few in the crowd who shouted insults and flashed the single digit salute. My response was to smile and give them thumbs up. All of these individuals were adults of over 30. What would cause these people to be so disrespectful and antagonistic?

A 4th of July holiday is a time to rejoice the birth of our great nation. It should not be a time to reflect on why most liberals/progressives hate America. So, instead I encourage all of you to click on the attached link. It is an inspirational song by Jordan Page called Liberty which came to me courtesy of my friends Ken and Brenda Battle Jordan. I am sure you will be glad you did. I suspect, like me, you will want to share it with those you care about.

Happy Birthday to us all.