Thursday, October 28, 2010

Diversity in Kuala Lumpur

I spent the day in the company of a 40 year old Muslim woman. She has her own successful tour coordinator business. She is an intelligent business person and speaks at least 3 languages. She was my guide and took me to such places as the Batu Caves, a Hindu holy temple, the King’s palace and a Buddhist temple. She even gave a rubber tree tapping demonstration (kind of like molasses extraction). We ended our day with a visit to the largest Muslim mosque in Malaysia. As I am not a travel writer, it would be fair to ask, “So what?” My point is to convey that I do not have negativity toward Muslims.

This morning before she arrived to pick me up, I was enjoying a leisurely breakfast in the large hotel restaurant. Looking around the room, I saw people that were probably Korean, Japanese, Australian, Thai, Malaysian and a host of other nationalities. I knew there were numerous religions represented in this common space. Having lived for over 20 years in the San Francisco Bay area, I am very comfortable in such a setting. There were business types in suites, tourist in shorts and sandals, men in flowing robes. One young woman was wearing very short shorts and a tank top, not that I noticed.

I was cognizant and appreciative of the sense of trust shared by such a diverse group. We could ignore one another because we had no negative concerns with each other.

At this point a young couple came in and was seated not far from my table. They had a cute little boy barely old enough to sit up in a high chair. The young father was fit and handsome. The mother was wearing a black Burka. Nothing was visible except a partial glimpse of her eyes through the Burka’s slit. In that instant, my emotion went from harmonious to white hot. One word instantaneously overpowered my every thought. That word was ENEMY. This man, not the woman, was my ENEMY. If you do not understand this, I beg you to spend as little as one hour reading about Sharia law.

My tour guide, under Sharia law, could be stoned to death by her husband, father and brothers for being seen in my company. Under Sharia law, a woman who is raped has dishonored her father, brothers or husband and may be put to death. This week, Osama Bin Laden threatened France because of its ban on Burkas.

This intense negativity was fleeting, lasting for less than 5 seconds. However, I thought to myself, thank goodness I do not work for NPR.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Geithner and Zen

I am half way around the world in Bangkok and who do I see yesterday while having breakfast? Tax cheat, little Timmy Geithner. He is in Asia doing dirty work for world governance at the G20 Conference. Okay, for those of you who insist on absolute accuracy in every detail, I did not meet Timmy face-to-face. His picture took up 1/3rd of one page of my morning newspaper. Still it was enough of an encounter to ruin 4 minutes of my vacation.

Thank goodness the next page had a feature on an elderly Zen monk. He is quoted saying that as a 16 year old novice he was required to learn 60 verses by heart, all 4-lines. The first verse follows:

Waking up this morning, I smile.
I know that there are 24 brand new hours for me to live.
I vow to live every moment of the day deeply.
And try to look at everyone with eyes of compassion.

Well, this certainly sounds like a harmonious way of going through life. I thought about it some more and then turned back to the page featuring Mr. Geithner. I still saw a dishonest, conniving, elitist weasel. I guess it takes a few years of practice before the compassion kicks in. I’ll work on it.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sanity is Spreading

For the past 19 months, I have devoted every spare moment, and a significant portion of my children’s meager inheritance, making people aware of the dangers of the Obama socialist regime and the progressive controlled and corrupt congress. It is then ironic that business will take me out of the country during the election.

I am extremely optimistic that the former silent majority (now known as The Tea Party) will eviscerate Congress on November 2nd. My prediction is that the Republicans will take perhaps 55 to 60 seats in the House and 9 or 10 Senate seats. What makes this meaningful is that we will not be replacing liberal/progressive Democrats with go along/get along RINOS. People like Rubio, Rand, Miller, Backmann and Col. Allen West are not going to go to Washington and be compromised by the likes of McCain, Gingrich or other elitist Republicans. It is time to man-up.

Two events occurred overseas this past week that indicate just how far rational thought has risen. A Dutch Member of Parliament, Geert Wilders, had been charged and put on trial for expressing outrage over the Islamification of the Netherlands. Prosecutors called it hate speech. Just a couple years ago, Wilders would have been imprisoned and/or fined. Instead, he was found Not Guilty and is being treated as a national hero.

Also last week, Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel declared that the country’s experiment to build a multicultural society, “has failed, utterly failed.” She went on to proclaim that with respect to foreign workers, “Anyone who does not immediately speak German is not welcome.”

Wasn’t it just a couple years ago that we were being told we should be more like Europe? Those same people are now silent about Wilder and Merkel. We can see how well socialism, single payer health care, global governance and cowering to Muslim fanatics has worked out in France, Greece and the UK. Only the most na├»ve and ignorant among us would want to copy those failed policies.

Sanity is spreading across our land and just in time. I will be with all of you in spirit on November 2nd.

Glen A. Amos

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sacred Ground

In the United States, there are many locations that are sacred ground. If you ever go inside the long-barracks at the Alamo, you can sense the killing lust of the men making their last stand and the Mexican soldiers storming into the building. The carnage and stench of death must have been all encompassing, drowning out Santa Anna's buglers playing of “No Quarter.” There is a surreal feeling to the long-barracks that cannot be conveyed by the printed word. It is not quite the same as when walking the grounds of Arlington or the Punchbowl. When looking at the grave markers of generals lying beside privates at Arlington Cemetery or that of our fallen heroes buried at the Punchbowl Cemetery, I felt sadness but also pride. At the long-barracks, there was something more and it made my skin tingle. I could pick up on the intense fear of many men fighting to the death in hand to hand combat, 110 years before I was born. I saw no apparitions as many others have claimed; but I felt the energy and it was icy cold. I did not want to remain in this small building nor did I not want to leave it. The bodies of the defenders of the Alamo were dismembered, buried in mass graves, dropped in the river or burned.

I suspect the intent of the neat rows of white crosses and manicured lawns of our national cemeteries is to provide a feeling of closure and nobility, of coming home to spend eternity with your patriots in arms. The settings are so serene that we don’t connect with the horror that gave them their entry passes. Perhaps that is a good thing. Regardless, the Alamo and our national cemeteries are sacred ground.

At Gettysburg, on July 1-3 in 1863 we suffered approximately 50,000 American causalities. That is nearly as many in 3 days as during the entire Vietnam War! “Causalities” is a cruel word as there is nothing causal about what happened at Gettysburg. There was no morphine and surgeons were more like butchers. To be wounded and placed on the surgeon’s table would have been horrific.

You can make a list of our sacred grounds if you wish. It would be a good thing to teach your children or grandchildren. I suspect Pearl Harbor, Ground Zero and Shanksville, Pennsylvania (wreckage of Flight 93) would make your list. Perhaps Ford’s theater in DC, Dealey Plaza in Dallas and the Lorraine Motel in Memphis would be included? A good argument could be made for these and many other locations. My list would have to include the voting booths all across this land.

The United States has been a beacon of hope for the entire world. That light is beginning to fade as Progressives in DC work feverishly to transfer the wealth of our nation to others. The Progressives and RINOs in the House and Senate are allowing the Congress to be made irrelevant by the Obama Administration. The Supreme Court is being stacked with those who do not believe in our Constitution. Our Justice Department is controlled by racists and our politicians cower to Muslims who are intent on bringing Shari law to the United States.

We can all visualize that picture of the woman in Iraq smiling and proudly holding up her ink stained finger. She was fully aware that there were many in the streets that might torture or kill her for voting. Still, she did so and encouraged others to vote through her bravery.

Our Republic is at a crossroads. We must throw out as many global governance politicians as possible. If we do not take control of Congress away from Progressives and RINO elitist this November 2nd, our nation will succumb to tyranny; and President Obama will succeed in his quest to fundamentally transform America into a debtor nation. Dip your finger in purple ink before going to the polling place. Vote and then proudly hold up that stained digit to the New Black Panthers and Eric Holder on the way out.

Glen A. Amos

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Shot Heard Around the World

Depending upon where you live and your age, the phrase, “the shot heard ‘round the world” has different meanings. To baseball fans over the age of 60, it conjures up images of Bobby Thompson’s walk-off home run to win the 1951 World Series for the New York Giants. In Europe, the phrase generally refers to the assignation of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and the beginning of WW1. In a 2009 album Love Drunk by the band Boys Like Girls, one of the cuts is entitled “The Shot Heard Round the World.” I don’t even want to guess at what that means.

I am of the opinion that We the People should never forget the original which was written by Ralph Waldo Emerson. Describing the opening conflict of the Revolutionary War at the battle at Old North Bridge, he wrote:

"By the rude bridge that arched the flood,
Their flag to April's breeze unfurled;
Here once the embattled farmers stood,
And fired the shot heard 'round the world."

Wendy and I spent our time between the 8-28 Beck Restoring Honor gathering and the 9-12 March in DC visiting our Country’s heritage in Boston, Portsmouth, NH and Concord, MA. Paying my respects at the graves of Sam Adams and John Hancock wasn’t as much fun as say… being on the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland. Standing in silence, seeing the lettering on the stone makers worn to the point they were difficult to decipher, does not bring on an adrenalin rush; but walking through Granary Burying Ground will bring emotions to the surface for any Patriot. It is sacred ground.

We drove from Portsmouth west to Concord, NH and then south to Concord, MA. We stopped in Concord, New Hampshire for lunch. I joked with our waitress, asking her how to get to the bridge where the shot heard round the world took place. Instead of laughing or rolling her eyes at the ignorant California flake, she replied that she didn’t know for sure but that there were a bunch of historical monuments downtown and perhaps it was there. Okay, I was a little embarrassed. I’m thinking maybe she didn’t grow up in New England and was not taught our history. I asked how long she lived in Concord and she replied all her life. Now I’m hooked.

To Wendy’s chagrin, I insisted we walk around Main Street in front of the Court House for a few minutes while I ask the locals for directions. The next two townspeople were very polite and it was obvious they wanted to be helpful. They had both heard of the shot heard round the world but did not know where the old bridge was located. Perhaps it had been destroyed over the years? The fourth person I approached was a 40 something business man. He looked at me with a sly smile and I knew the ruse was up. He said, “Sir, you are in the wrong state. You want Concord, Massachusetts.” He points south and says, “About 75 miles that way.”

We arrived at the Old North Bridge around 5 in the afternoon. It was overcast and just a bit chilly. At first, the setting was almost too serene; it took a while to sense the violence that took place here on April 19, 1775. The re-constructed Old North Bridge spanning the Concord River is far more solid than was the rickety original. There is a statue of a Minuteman on the west side of the bridge; but it is the marker for the grave of two British Redcoats on the east bank that beckons us to understand that this too is sacred ground. Earlier the morning of April 19, in nearby Lexington, the Redcoats fired on and killed 8 and wounded 10 colonists. At the Old North Bridge, Approximately 95 Redcoats on the east side of the Concord River faced 400 Minutemen on the west side just 50 yards apart. Whether out of fear or contempt for their rag tag opposition, the King’s army fired upon the Minutemen, killing two. This time, the Minutemen fired back and the world was forever changed.

Emerson’s “Concord Hymn” written in 1837, was not meant to slight the carnage at Lexington but to acknowledge that it was at the Old North Bridge where the colonist first fired back at the regular army under orders to do so by their commanders. We had finally had enough.

I have had enough Cass Sunstein, Andy Stern, Valerie Jarett, George Soros, Barack Obama, et al. “occupying” our White House and the Congress that enables them. The progressives are close to reaching their goal of turning the United States into a 2nd tier nation and achieving global governance. If you still do not recognize this truth, consider the following. The U. S. is energy dependent. That threatens our economy and security. Obama shuts down our oil drilling in the Gulf by Executive Order. A judge blocks Obama’s Executive Order. Obama ignores the judge (rule of law) and keeps the rigs shut down. Obama loans our money to Mexico and Brazil so they can drill in the Gulf.

Under the Obama administration, the Justice Department will not enforce voter intimidation laws if those breaking the law are black and the people being harmed are white. The Obama administration will not enforce our nation’s immigration laws, supports sanctuary cities and has the Justice Department attack the Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona and the state of Arizona.

Even King George of England in 1775 did not force us to buy British Tea. Yet, the Obama administration under the guidance of King George Soros forces us to buy insurance! The government has no authority under our Constitution to force us to buy anything. Haven’t you had enough America? I hope so and I pray that you stand beside me and fire back on November 2nd.

Glen A. Amos