Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Words Can Do Nothing More

We are in Boston today, staying at what claims to be the oldest continuously operating hotel in the United States. Wendy and I are taking some personal time between the 8-28 Beck gathering and the 9-12 March in DC. We did not dare stay in Washington as obviously something in the DC water drives people crazy if consumed for any length of time.

We went on a trolley tour of the town today. The history that surrounds this place is overwhelming to a patriot. From “Bunker Hill”, the site of the Boston Massacre or Paul Revere’s house, there is so much history to absorb and appreciate. The Granary Burying Ground is a block from our hotel and contains the remains of great Patriots including Sam Adams, John Hancock and Paul Revere. The 5 victims of the Boston Massacre are interred next to Adams. This includes the first black man to die in the Revolutionary War, Crispus Attucks.

Yet, along with feelings of patriotism and appreciation for the sacrifice of our forefathers, I was saddened by what Boston has become. The majority buys into cradle to grave entitlements mentality. They have turned socialist. The streets are dirty and the panhandlers aggressive. It reminds me of San Francisco. That is not a compliment.

There is a Puritan meeting house built in 1729 called the “Old South Meeting House.” This is where our beloved Tea Party began. On December 16, 1773 a meeting was called here to protest the tax that was to be charged on 30 tons of tea that was in the holds of the British ships moored at nearby Griffin’s Wharf. It is said that a few thousand people showed up and a heated debate ensued as to what to do if the ships did not sail back to England with the tea on board. CBS reported that there were only 50 people in attendance (okay, I made up that last part). When it was made clear that the ships would not depart with their cargo intact, Samuel Adams addressed the crowd and said, “Gentlemen, this meeting can do nothing more to save our country.” It is rumored this phrase was a code for the 60 members of the Sons of Liberty to disguise themselves as Mohawk Indians and advance to the wharf and destroy the 342 crates of tea.

We had 500,000 people attend the Glen Beck gathering Saturday. It was peaceful and respectful. We left the grounds a LOT cleaner than the streets of Boston or San Francisco are on a normal day. I believe that we will have at least 1.2 million people show up again this 9-12 to March on DC. In November, we will vote the liberal/progressives and many RINOs out of office.

If they refuse to leave office, or steal elections with the aid of ACCORN types (such as Al Franken in Minnesota) or if the Administration continues to attack states such as they have Arizona, there may be blogs that just say, “Ladies and gentlemen, words can do nothing more to save our country.”

Few in Boston would answer Adams’ call today. Most won’t respond should the above modified cryptic call to arms be made. However, there are Oath Keepers, Texans and several million others all over this land who will not live on their knees. Progressives are warned. A tsunami is coming.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Since the days of Tip O’Neill, we have been told that “All politics is local.” I have often used that phrase myself. However, I now realize that this is propaganda. It has been ingrained into us for the purpose of helping incumbent politicians remain in office. I live in California, not Nevada. Yet Harry Reid has done great harm to me and all hard working, productive Americans. I will do all I can with my limited resources to help remove Reid from office in 2010. Politicians will not put term-limits on themselves. We must do it. Otherwise, they will stay in office decade after decade or until God intervenes (Murtha & Byrd).

I am going to list and rank the 10 races that I believe should be the focus of all Americans. I have selected those where there is a decent chance to make a difference. For example, Maxine Waters is one of the worst politicians in our nation’s history. She did not make the list because there is nothing we can do about her this election cycle. Conversely, some incredibly good people were left off of the list because their opponents were not rated an F. By limiting it to 10, I wanted only win-win situations. That meant that one candidate had to be rated an A and their opponent an F. Maximum reward!

Americans have always answered the call in the face of danger. Our Republic needs you to answer that call yet again. Get actively involved. To do nothing is to do something. It is our complacency that the liberal/progressives are depending upon to overcome the Constitution.

I encourage you all to check out these candidates for yourselves. For example, if you want to see what a condescending dirtbag Pete Stark is, watch and listen to him at a 6-26-2010 town hall: http://www.buzzbox.com/news/2010-06-30/pete-stark:scottish-borders/

Contrast this with Lt. Colonel Allen West (ret.) in his Bayonets speech:

So, here is my list. We must do all we can while we still can. The outcome of these races will impact Americans for generations to come. We cannot wait until 2012. The politicians I have rated F are like drug addicts. Their drug of choice is tax payer money and they won’t stop taking it until they kill the host. There must be an interdiction and we must perform it.

Glen A. Amos

Top 10 National Races 2010

Scorecard evaluates positions on Controlling U. S. Borders, Dodd-Frank Financial Overhaul Bill, Gun Control, Earmark Moratorium, Federal Takeover of Student Loans, Stimulus Bill & TARP. These ratings do not take into account social issues. The grades are with respect to Fiscal Responsibility, Constitutionally Limited Government, Free Markets and Compliance with the Constitution and Bill of Rights. An A rating is the best possible and an F the worst possible.

1. Senate – Nevada Incumbent Harry Reid F
Challenger Sharron Angle A

2. Senate – Florida Challenger Marco Rubio A
Challenger Charlie Christ F
Challenger Kendrick Meek F

3. Congress CA-13 Incumbent Pete Stark F
Challenger Forest Baker A

4. Senate – Kentucky Challenger Rand Paul A
Challenger Jack Conway F

5. Congress MN-6 Challenger Tarryl Clark F
Incumbent Michele Bachmann A

6. Congress FL-22 Incumbent Ron Klein F
Challenger Allen West A

7. Senate - WI Challenger Ron Johnson A
Incumbent Russ Feingold F

8. Congress CA-37 Incumbent Laura Richardson F
Challenger Star Parker A

9. Congress TX-30 Incumbent Eddie Johnson F
Challenger Stephen Broaden A

10. Congress NY-23 Incumbent Bill Owens F
Challenger Doug Hoffman A
Challenger Matt Doheny D

Sunday, August 1, 2010

What a Sherrod

Rosslyn Smith wrote an article in American Thinker that should make the blood boil in every taxpaying American. That exempts the 40% or so living off the rest of us. Please go to the following link and check out the story of Sherrod and corruption that the mainstream media does not want you to know about.


I believe the corruption in DC is too pervasive to be salvaged. There is just something about being inside the beltway that turns brains into mush and spines into Jello. Even so called conservatives such as Bill Crystal are not immune. Today on Fox News Sunday, Crystal portrayed Charlie Rangel as a really nice guy and that the (13) charges against him were all minor. Crystal felt that a reprimand would be appropriate punishment. Reprimand! Those of us not in the Ruling Class would have been put in jail long ago for doing 1/4 the things Rangel has done. Instead, the Ruling Class installs a tax cheat, Timothy Geithner, as Treasury Secretary. They now hold us in such contempt as to flaunt it in our faces.

Angelo Codeville wrote in American Spectator, “When the majority (us) discovered that virtually no one in a position of power in either party or with a national voice would take their objections (to the TARP bailout) seriously, that discussions about their money were being made in bipartisan backroom deals with interested parties and that the laws on these matters were being voted by people who had not read them, the term ‘political class’ came into use.”

Thomas Jefferson said that we have the best form of government but it needs to be overthrown each generation with the same form of government. Each generation is too often (unless we are talking about term-limits) but we are long overdue for a transfusion. The ruling class must be purged…now!