Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mob Boss President

Barrack Obama is the head of a gangster organization that has control of the United States government. This administration has no regard for the rule of law.

One of the first blatant signs of just how contemptuous this administration would act towards law abiding citizens was when tax and bankruptcy laws were openly cast aside to benefit the UAW. The theft of money owed Chrysler’s secured creditors overturned 100 years of bankruptcy law and threatens all Fifth Amendment protections of property rights. That was just the beginning.

In addition to being socialist, many in the administration are racist. Attorney General Eric Holder, who serves at the whim of the President, is a prime example. Anyone who saw the video of the New Black Panther Party members in front of a polling station in 2008 instantly recognized their threat and intimidation. Holder dropped the slam dunk case against these men. Why? According to Justice attorney Christopher Coats in testimony before the U. S. Commission on Civil Rights, there exist “a deep-seated opposition to equal enforcement of the Voting Rights Act against racial minorities and for the protection of whites who have been discriminated against.” The rule of law does not apply to unions, (non-conservative) minorities and other influential supporters of The Boss.

Can’t get Cap n Trade passed over the objections of Congress. No problem. Just turn regulation writing and enforcement over to the EPA. Can’t get amnesty for illegal aliens (new Obama voters), no problem. The Obama administration has a plan to grant legal status to illegal aliens without going through the pesky Congressional process. It is commonly referred to as “stealth amnesty.” The Obama Justice Department is on record that it will not enforce current federal immigration laws. In fact, admits that it suspended the deportation of more than 34,000 illegal aliens in 2010 alone.

So many flouts to our Constitution and rules of law and so little space for this blog. Let me conclude with the war in Libya.

With a straight face, the administration claims the President does not have to abide by the 1973 War Powers Act because we are not at war. They claim our military is just involved in a “kinetic military action” or a “limited military action.” We are dropping bombs on Libya destroying property while killing and maiming men, women and children. If a country was doing the same to us, Congress and Obama would declare an act of war immediately. Congressman Tom McClintock had this to say: “The House has just considered whether to authorize war with Libya (HR2278). It has specifically, categorically and decisively rejected it. The President is now on notice that he is in direct defiance of Congress.”

The response to Congress by mob boss Obama has been eerily similar to the famous line, “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

Glen A. Amos
Author of American Revolution 2010 – A Tea Party Patriots Call to Arms

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