Sunday, October 2, 2011

FOX Going Left

There has been a noticeable shift in Fox. I will stop short of saying I don’t believe in coincidence, but at the very least I am always very skeptical of it. It sure seems to me that the shift to the left came about the time rumors started about Glenn Beck leaving his top rated show. It has escalated over the past few weeks.

It is my opinion that Fox would be pleased with either Perry or Romney. Because these two are showing signs of weakness, Fox will do all possible to get Christie into the mix in order to marginalize the non-elitist (conservative) candidates.

Hannity is partly responsible for RINO John McCain being reelected in Arizona over the clear desires of the Tea Party Movement in that state. Fox usually provides Hannity’s “buddy” Bob Beckel a forum to spew his liberal nonsense twice daily. Even a true conservative, Judge Napolitano has been given the word from on high. Last week he introduced Charlie Rangel as, “my good friend.”

If it were not for the RNC and Karl Rove, we would have picked up two and perhaps three more Senate seats in 2010. Rove cost us 2 of the 3 by going on Fox touting how our candidates were unqualified and unelectable. We can thank Fox and Rove for Harry Reid still being in the Senate. Fox and Rove are at it again.

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