Saturday, December 11, 2010

Boycott or Not

On ResistNet last week, I responded to a fellow patriot who opposed targeting specific corporations who support the leftist progressive movement in our country. That response follows:

My friend and ally, this is the first time we have disagreed. As a general rule, I have always opposed boycotts. Although, I did appreciate the “boycott of those who boycott Arizona.” That had a certain symmetry; instant Karma.

Here is why I strongly support this movement:

I agree that companies have the right to express their opinions. When those opinions are threatening the financial well being of the United States, and therefore our ability to defend our freedom, we not only have the right but the responsibility to oppose those companies.

MSNBC (Owned by GE) openly promoted Barrack Obama for President during the 2008 campaign. Jeffery Immelt (Chairman of GE) was appointed to the White House Economic Recovery Advisory Board the month after Obama took office. It is no coincidence that GE aggressively promotes the Cap & Trade Bill. GE stands to make several billion dollars if it becomes law. A few weeks ago in Ohio, GE closed the last incandescent light bulb manufacturing plant in the United States. This is an industry created by an American, Thomas Edison. Now we will buy our CFL’s from China. It is all a money game with these large companies. The workers have little, if any, say in company policies. I don’t believe for a second that a majority of GE workers approved of GE continuing to sell to Iran long after an embargo was imposed and our soldiers were being killed in Iraq. My mother worked for GE in Shelbyville, IN for 30 years as a spot welder. Today, she actually cries if the name GE even comes up in a conversation.

In my blog post yesterday (, I mention Listerine. If we all stop buying Listerine, perhaps the employees will demand their company stop working against the will of the people. Regardless, we are not going to stop buying mouthwash. If Listerine sales sharply decline, their competitors’ sales must sharply rise. These workers can leave Johnson & Johnson and go to the competitor to fill their increased needs. Or, we can all just give up and in a few years Listerine will be like the American made light bulb.

The Obama administration, Soros and their comrades are doing all they can, as rapidly as they can, to destroy our way of life. We can’t just sit back and write blog posts, go to rallies and email our Congressmen. We need to take direct action.

I don’t see this as a typical boycott where people stand out in front of businesses for a couple weeks with signs of protest. I am not asking that these businesses be shut down or that the leftists in this country stop buying products from GE, Johnson & Johnson, Google, etc. I am pleading with all conservatives to discontinue funding the progressive/liberal movement in this country. We cannot defeat this well orchestrated assault on our liberties if we continue to finance the enemy. The targeted firms have chosen the side they believe will give them the largest return on their investments. That is all they care about. We must show them that they should reevaluate that decision.

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