Saturday, November 27, 2010

Financing the Enemy

It is my understanding that the National Center for Public Research and Freedomworks are teaming up to make We the People (WtP) aware of large companies that lobby for legislation that threatens to harm consumers. This would be legislation that most all conservatives detest, such as Obama Care and Cap & Trade. They have announced that General Electric and Johnson & Johnson head the list; but, I am sure Progressive Insurance and Google will be among the top tier of firms.

With the overwhelming success of the November 2 elections, it is clear that the silent majority is no longer oblivious to the very real threats aimed at our society by progressives in congress and the Obama administration. First there was ignorance, then denial, which progressed to recognition, followed by anger. The Tax Day Protests, 9-12 Marches on DC and Glenn Beck’s 8-28 Project were massive displays by WtP that changes were going to be made or else. We were ignored by most of our elected officials; so we chose the path of or else.

We made ourselves heard on November 2, 2010. Now we must monitor those we helped put into office. Make sure they know we are going to hold them accountable. Just as importantly, they need to know that we have their backs when they need our assistance in combating the dual cancers of corruption and arrogance so prevalent inside the beltway. However, that isn’t enough. WtP need to take direct action. We must stop financing the enemy.

This will sometimes be inconvenient. Take a look at my email address. I commit to dropping gmail (Goggle) by year’s end. Those of you with Progressive Insurance need to stop funneling money through them to the Obama Administration. Look up what products Johnson & Johnson sells. I am sure you have some of them in your house. After January 1, 2011, stop supporting these people. Now let’s not get crazy here. If your doctor wants to use Johnson & Johnson’s Cell Search to identify circular tumors, go for it. But come on. We can all find a substitute for Listerine.

I am going to name what I consider the dirty baker’s dozen progressives/Obama supporters in Hollywood. They are beyond condescending to us; they openly insult conservatives. Actors who are no longer relevant, such as Ed Asner, Martin Sheen, Tim Robbins, Susan Sarandon and Barbra Streisand, are not on the list. Rob Reiner has been instrumental in the bankruptcy of California and as such transcends this list proceeding directly to the Progressive Hall of Fame. Janeana Garofalo and Michael Moore are not on the list. Anybody still financially supporting these two individuals after all they have publically said and done to denounce America and conservatism, would not be reading anything I write.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio
2. Sean Penn
3. Steven Spielberg
4. Matt Damon
5. Tom Hanks
6. Julia Roberts
7. George Clooney
8. Olivia Wilde
9. Woody Harrelson
10. Alec Baldwin
11. Ben Affleck
12. Oliver Stone
13. Ben Stiller

These people are ruling class elitist who equate the American public to sheep. They consider us incapable of rational thought. Most of these people are Socialist or Communist. Some are just ignorant.

Olivia Wilde has a new movie coming out called Tron-Legacy. Sci-Fi lovers are going to want to see it. Keep in mind, she did a get-out-the-vote add funded by George Soros which was incredibly demeaning towards Sarah Palin and conservatism. She is an outspoken advocate for the progressive movement, as are all the people on my list. The Jason Bourne movies are among my favorites; but I will not spend one more dollar enriching Matt Damon enabling him and his buddy Affleck to throw another $1,000 a plate fund raiser for Obama.

The Prime Minister of Russia and former KGB officer, Vladimir Putin, was laying praise last week on actor Leonardo DiCapro, calling him, “A Real Man.” Of course, DiCaprio’s dire version of the earth’s future in the documentary The 11th Hour, plays right into the global warming hoax. This harms the American economy which would naturally benefit Russia. DiCaprio created, produced and narrated this propaganda piece and admits the purpose is to indoctrinate children. In his words, his goal was to “recruit young eco-activists to the cause. We need to get kids young.”

According to a 2009 article by Daryl Deino, Julia Roberts once threatened to fire anyone on her staff that said anything negative about Barrack Obama. Unlike Julia, I would defend the right of anyone, including the people on my list, to express and advocate for their beliefs. However, we have every right to express our opposition by not funding them. In fact, it is beyond our right. It is our obligation to stop financing the progressive movement by spending untold millions of dollars on Hollywood’s Hate American First bunch.

Glen A. Amos
Auburn, CA

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