Saturday, February 19, 2011

The 112th

Many positive things are being brought forth by the 112th Congress. There is real hope for our country.

Last week, Senators Jim DeMint and Mike Enzi introduced the Better Use of Light Bulb Act (BULB). The purpose of BULB is to repeal the provisions of the Energy Independence Act of 2007 relating to a ban of incandescent light bulbs. Michele Bachmann tried to correct this assault on the Constitution and the American economy when she proposed the Light Bulb Freedom of Choice Act in 2008. Of course, she had no chance of success with the 111th Congress.

For those who have not followed this brainchild of the EPA and don’t understand what all the fuss is about, please consider:

The light bulb is a Thomas Edison invention. However, the last incandescent bulb manufacturer in the United States closed September 2010. We get our compact fluorescent light bulbs from China. Thanks EPA. If our government can dictate the type of light bulb we use in our houses, they can demand that we buy health insurance. They could nationalize a car company and then support a false negative story about a competing car manufacturer (sticking accelerators). Under the guise of saving the 3-imch smelt fish, the EPA could shut off water to the California big valley and turn 800,000 acres of productive farm land into a dust bowl. This could just all be paranoia except it has already happened.

The packaging on CFL’s claim they will last 10,000 hours of continuous use. That sounds impressive but simple math reveals that to be less than 14 months. These bulbs burn out much quicker when turned off and on. Many consumers report their CFL’s lasting less than 9 months. CFL’s contain mercury, a neurotoxin that can cause kidney and brain damage. Eventually, all bulbs burn out or break. When this happens, you have an expensive hazardous waste disposal problem to resolve.

As Eco-terrorists are the most strident supporters of the current EPA, I find it bitter irony that China has reopened mercury mines as the global mercury prices increase. These mines are poison to animals, rivers and people. Where is the compassion for Mother Earth?

Lest we forget, it was George W. Bush who signed into law the Energy Independence Act of 2007. Senator Fred Upton (R) was recently appointed Chairman of the House Energy & Commerce Committee. This is the same Fred Upton who was a champion of the CFL in 2007. We Tea Party types made it clear we did NOT want Upton in this key position. Speaker of the House Boehner ignored our wishes.

There are problems with the Republican leadership. We saw that when they tried to renege on their promise to cut $100 billion of spending in 2011. The true conservatives in the House stood their ground and kept faith with the voters. These good people will tell you that they could not possibly have succeeded without our support. They need us behind them and they need us to be vocal and visible if they are to overcome both the liberal Democrats and their own go-along-to-get-along leadership. Our country can no longer afford a silent majority.

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