Sunday, March 13, 2011

Rome is Burning

Representatives King and Bachmann have issued a letter to the House leadership urging them to rescind the $105 billion that was hidden within the 2.900 page bill to immediately fund Obama Care. According to Bachmann, Section 402 of this bill provides for$16 billion of this money to be spent in any manner deemed appropriate by HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. Also, under Section 1311(a), Sebelius is allowed to take money direct from the Treasury and give any amount to any State without having to secure approval from Congress. With the 2012 elections just around the corner, is there any doubt Kathy will deem the blue state of California, the SEIU and ACORN (by any other name) as worthy?

King and Bachmann want House Speaker Boehner to insert a provision in the new Continuing Resolution (CR) to fund the government that would rescind this massive theft. According to a flash Tea Party Patriots’ email, Speaker Boehner’s response was that he would not “break the rules” by including a defunding provision in the next CR. There are so MANY things wrong with Boehner’s response, not the least of which is A) He has waived the rules for other issues and B) His party is now the majority and make the rules.

So, the Republican leadership has done their level best to convince their more conservative members to understand why they should not keep their promises to those who put them in office. Part of that promise was to cut a paltry $100 billion from the budget this year. After much blow-back, they came up with just over $61 billion in cuts. Come on! The government added $3 trillion to the national debt over the past 2 years. To put this in perspective, if you were spending $2,000 a month on necessities such as food, rent, insurance, etc. and realized you had to cut expenses or go bankrupt, this would be like cutting your discretionary spending by 6 cents a month. Yet, they are still arguing over this.

Now that we know of this $105 Billion liberal slush fund, anyone in Congress who does not support King and Bachmann in their position of immediately rescinding this atrocity is not serious about opposing Obama Care.

The House leadership is saying they want to secure a 3-week Continuing Resolution and are demanding cuts of $6 billion or they will not pass it, allowing the government to shut down. Really. According to Senator Mark Warner (D), our debt increases by $4 billion a DAY! So under this brilliant plan the debt will have a net increase of another $78 billion at the end of the 6 weeks.

It never stops. We are approaching $14 Trillion in debt and on the verge of becoming a second tier nation. With all this, what does Congress focus on? Last Friday Congressman McClintock sent out an e-letter to announce the 2011 Congressional Arts Competition, a nationwide high-school art competition sponsored by the U.S. House of Representatives. They just don’t get it.

Our politicians make Nero appear to have been a pro-active leader. We are rapidly running out of time to save our Republic. This is a threat to our very sovereignty.

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