Sunday, August 21, 2011

Perry or Thrust

In 2008, the leftist media and the elitist establishment picked McCain as the Republican opponent to Obama. They wanted someone at least somewhat left of center and a candidate who would not energize the conservative base. It is called hedging your bet. If their guy didn’t win, they at least wanted someone who was aligned with most of their agenda. Win big or win a little but win either way. After all, for the good of mankind, the ruling class must maintain control of the masses.

The problem for the establishment this time around is that We the People no longer blindly accept what the bias media is trying to force feed us. They made a critical tactical error when they attacked the Tea Party Movement. They called us terrorists, Nazis and racists. They picked out the one sign in a thousand that fit their narrative and focused on it. They never even tried to determine if the person holding the sign was a plant by those seeking to discredit the Tea Party. The goal of the media was to dishearten and discourage the people’s grassroots movement. This tried and true tactic not only failed, it backfired. Rather than extinguish the fire in our bellies, it was a catalysis that bound us together.

This time around the ruling class is having a far more difficult time anointing their “opponent.” At first it was Romney that was the only one who stood a chance to beat Obama. However, when conservatives were underwhelmed (little problem with Massachusetts mandatory health care), they unveiled for all to see and be enamored by…Rick Perry.

Is this blog post an attack on Perry? No. I think he might well make as good a President as Bill Clinton, Bush 41 and/or Bush 43. Under no circumstance would he continue the policies of Obama that are literally destroying the U.S. economy and putting our country in grave danger. Whomever we select to oppose Obama must win. All I am saying is that this time, we must choose our candidate and not have that person thrust upon us. Perry is not a Ronald Reagan. Goggle Perry. Do your homework on him before making a decision or a donation. Look carefully at what he has done over the past several years. Whenever possible we must judge politicians by what they have done, not what they say they will do.

The leftist media and the DC ruling class will actually tell us who they want to run against. Remember how McCain was the media darling (Maverick John McCain)? Use common sense and logic. If the media plays someone up as our best hope of defeating Obama, ask yourself this question. Would a football manager tell the opposition how best to defeat his own team?

Consider how the news media hid the actions of John Edwards. Reflect on how they refused to vet Obama while sending hordes of “journalist” to turn over every rock in Alaska looking for dirt on Palin. I suggest we give serious consideration to those the media despises. The more the media vilifies a candidate, the more closely we should evaluate that person for consideration.

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