Sunday, August 21, 2011

We Are The Center

One of the media tricks used to drive their progressive agenda is to always portray the Tea Party as either the Right or the Far Right. Some do this with malicious intent, others out of ignorance. Regardless, the premise is fallacious. We in the Tea Party movement must change this paradigm.

Today we watch the UK, France, Greece, Spain and others unravel. Yet, our corrupt media continues to enable U.S. liberal politicians in pushing our country toward European socialism. MSNBC is hopeless. ABC, CBS and NBC are only slightly better. Fox talks a lot about fair and balanced and sometimes they are. However, all media base their reporting on the Tea Party Movement with the same erroneous bias. The media wants everyone to just accept that Nancy Pelosi is the left of center, John McCain is the center and the Tea Party is the right of center.

The Tea Party Movement is not the Right! Ron Paul is the Right; Timothy McVeigh is the Far Right. Nancy Pelosi is the Left; Bill Ayres is the Far Left. We, the Tea Party, are the center.

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  1. A person's political position is always relative to a person's own place. I did attempt to come up with a standard, but of course most people tend to disagree. The chart on my blog shows how I see the different positions.