Thursday, November 4, 2010

Party Leadership

The former silent majority did not work our behinds off for the past 20 months just to see Progressive Democrats replaced by establishment, elitist RINOs. We spent our resources (money, time and energy) to get politicians elected who would be fiscally responsible and believe in the Constitution and small government. We DO NOT want the same good old boys running our House.

We elected people who support the Tea Party movement. The RNC establishment fought us almost as much as the Democrats fought us. Specifically, the RNC fought our choices in Alaska, Nevada, Utah, Kentucky and Connecticut along with many others. If the RNC had their way, flip-flop Charlie Crist would be the new Senator from Florida instead of a man of principal, Marco Rubio. Had the Republican leadership truly gotten behind our Tea Party supported candidates, the tsunami on November 2 would have been even larger.

Please, everyone who worked so hard to help save our Republic, do not leave it to these elitist to hand pick themselves as the leadership of the next Congress. We won! Don’t let these guys surrender our cause. A few weeks ago, John Boehner jumped at the first opportunity to claim they could work with President Obama to improve the Health Care Bill if the Republican Party took control of the House. This remark came under immediate and intense criticism by We the People. So, Boehner walked it back. That change of rhetoric does NOT indicate a change of heart. He is a “say whatever” to placate the masses and then do what is best for his own power. Don’t allow these elitist to anoint Boehner. Tell your elected officials who you want to lead the Party you put in the majority.

For what it is worth, here are my choices:

Speaker of the House: Michele Bachmann
House Majority Leader: Paul Ryan
Majority Whip: Jeff Miller
House Rep. Conference: Chairman=Eric Cantor, Vice-Chair=Tom McClintock, Sect.=Jason Chaffetz

Republican Policy Committee Chair: Allen West

Don’t let our victory be watered down. Let’s work to put in place leaders who will represent us and withstand the immense pressures to “compromise” the beliefs they espoused that got them elected.

Glen A. Amos
Auburn, CA

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