Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ugly Americans

In Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore, I seldom turned on the TV. When I did try to catch up on a little news, the choices were BBC or CNN. More appropriate letters would be CRAP.

It is no wonder many in the world have such a low opinion of Americans. If all a person knew about us was what was aired on these channels, they would certainly have negative opinions of us. One BBC reporter about went apoplectic over the election results of November 2nd. He was screaming, “Who do these people (Tea Party movement) think they are trying to subvert the policies of President Obama!”

When Obama goes on TV in the US and says the election results were the fault of the people failing to understand the accomplishments of his administration (“Making an argument that people can understand”), we know he is delusional, lying or both. Many outside the United States don’t get to hear the truth. It would be like us having to rely on MSNBC. They hear the President of the United States basically calling us stupid. In Asia, the BBC and CNN give news biased a whole new dimension.

Let me ask you a question. Who are the most feral sports fans? Perhaps the home town crowd at a Philadelphia Phillies game or maybe the Oakland Raiders fans? No, these fanatics would not even get an honorable mention compared to the fans of many sports overseas. In today’s paper, I read about a rugby match where the highly touted Kiwis team was defeated by the Kangaroos 34-20. The Kiwis fans disgraced themselves right from the start by booing at the playing of the Australian national anthem. This was a mere warm up to an ugly display of poor sportsmanship. In addition to the 5 fights that broke out in the stands, the crowd of 44,000 “rained bottles onto the field.” Many of these were full beer bottles and some hit the players. No decent Raider or Phillies fan would throw a beer bottle without having drained it first.

In reality, the American people are the most generous people on earth. We have the greatest military force the world has ever known. Yet, we do not wish to conquer other nations. We tend to be kind, respectful and good natured. The rest of the world seldom gets a glimpse of these traits. The news media will continue to propagate the illusion of the ugly American. President Obama will continue to consider us “enemies”. He will tour the world apologizing for us. He will do so with our money, traveling in a style befitting 19th century royalty. He will do this while 9.6% of our citizens are out of work.

I am damn proud to be an American and look forward to the day we have a President who feels the same.

Glen A. Amos


  1. Thanks, Glen. To your last point let me add, the only way we ever have a President who shares our love and devotion to America (above self), we must replace the one currently occupying the job!

  2. Right, Ken! And we need to replace him NOW, not wait two years, allowing him to do more damage while we wait for time to pass. I was deeply discouraged when Clinton was elected, but after he left office, I thought, "Well, we survived that, and it wasn't so bad." Wrong! It was not until much later that we began to see serious consequences of Clinton's time in office. If we don't get Obama out now, what may we be dealing with in 2015? It really makes me mad that no one is doing anything about his profiteering from the BP oil spill and CCX. He gave stimulus funds to Nalco, the company that was later chosen to clean up the oil spill, then invested his own money in the company, and Nalco's product, Corexit, is actually four times as toxic as the oil ... but Obama made money off that deal. He also has money invested in CCX, so he will make 8 billion dollars by 2013, if he can get cap and trade passed. How about that? How many Americans can pass a tax on the people which will put 8 billion dollars in their own pocket? Those actions have to be illegal on his part, and he is absolutely stealing from us because our electric bills will go up dramatically to make up for that tax. Why isn't something being done now? He will skate through, and the stupid people who write the history books will make him sound like a good president to our grandchildren ... if we survive long enough to have grandchildren. grrrrrrrr!