Sunday, November 21, 2010

TSA, A Slight of Hand

Over the past 3 weeks, I have flown from Seoul, to Bangkok, to Kuala Lumpur, to Singapore, to Adelaide, to Sydney, to Honolulu, to Sacramento. I never went through a body scanner nor was I patted down. Not once. I did not even have to take off my shoes. I am over 60, white and a native Hoosier. I am not a frequent flier and had never before flown on Korean Airlines, Lufthansa, or Singapore Airlines.

What is going on here in the U. S. is just another way the Obama regime is deliberately agitating We the People. They want us frustrated and our attention diverted. It serves their purposes. As always the media is an enabler. If it isn't this issue they are talking about it is Dancing With the Stars. Anything to keep us stirred up and prevents Dorothy and us from seeing the man behind the curtain (Soros).

Glen A. Amos

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